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About Telemotion

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, TELEMOTION is a leading independent entertainment company specializing in worldwide distribution of feature films and television programming. TELEMOTION is also a Producer of Life Style series and realities having built its own division and produces following its own projects or following special requests from networks or Advertisers.

Founded on efficiency, transparency and effectiveness, Telemotion looks to take advantage of changing buying patterns and distribution pathways in global markets.

The experience within the company has performed properly for 25 years and maintains a wonderful reputation with the international community.

Our main focus is to satisfy our clients’ needs through DVD, VOD, pay television and free television sales. Besides that, Telemotion attends every major television market and sells in 50+ territories worldwide.

Telemotion’s reputation for service is outstanding and we also have excellent ongoing relationships, and friendships, with our clients. We are always at complete disposal in order to solve any needs our clients may have and at any moment. Our service is 7/24!!!

Our services

We handle 400 titles: Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Art-House Films as:

· Feature films
· Made for TV Movies
· Children shows
· Soup Operas
· Documentaries (Wildlife, Traveling, Arts, Food)
· Series

Production is increasing every year; We have produced life style series, children edutainment series and interview shows. Telemotion creates the conditions for make this happens. We initiate, coordinate, supervise and control matters such as raising funding, hiring key personnel, and arranging the publicity and the distribution. We are deeply involved throughout all the phases of our own projects.

We also have made alliances with big Networks such as History Channel, A&E, NatGeo, Telephone companies and we are always looking for more.
If you an idea or a good script please, contact us

We also have specialized teams whose goals are to create a strong synergy for strong Advertising Campaigns and we produces Infomercials or any Special Brands Show.

Formats are also available for any Sponsor.


Our Clients

Our clients trust us and we trust our clients. This confidence is constantly renewed by working with clear quality objectives in every project we develop. 

Our Partners

For more than 15 years we have been building strong business relationships with brokers, filmmakers, producers, directors here, in Argentina, in Latin, North and Central America, in Europe and Asia.

Spotlight Pictures
Premiere Entertaiment
Voltage Pictures
DRG London
Octane Entertainment


For more information, questions, suggestion or comments, please, contact us directly:

Horacio Argüello | horacio_arguello@telemotion.com.ar
Tel/Fax: +54.11.4785.1006 - Mob: +54.911.6694.9281 

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